Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Youth Department Western Australia


Give Them The Keys

Do you have an outreach idea for your youth group to run and participate in but are requiring funding? Then 'Give Them The Keys' may be of help to you. The GC has put forward a proposal to help fund youth groups and their outreach programs. 


1. Write a one page proposal – how you plan to reach the community/friends/neighbours… and how much money you need and why worth between A$1,000-A$5,000

2. Send the proposal to your youth director. Youth director to collate the proposals from all the churches in the conference and send it to the Union Youth Director.

3. Union Youth Director will send a summary of the projects with the total amount required to SPD by 30 November 2015

4. Approved proposals with funds to be sent to Unions by 30 December 2015.

5. Unions to distribute funds to Youth Directors by 30 January 2016. All approved proposals to have the money to use by 28 February 2016.

6. Report on the outreach outcome to be sent to Youth Director->Union Director->SPD throughout 2016.

Your program proposals is to be submitted by 30 October 2015 for projects to be done in 2016

To download the process information CLICK HERE

To download application form CLICK HERE

To download report form CLICK HERE